How To Choose a Pool Robot Cleaner? Having a swimming pool is fun, but it requires very economical, systematic, and smart methods to keep the pool clean. In addition, there are manual ways of doing it, which means dedicating your Sundays to it. And the process is tiring and exhausting. 

Then there are mechanical ways of getting the job done. It’s the digital era, so why shouldn’t you benefit from it? 

Robotic Pool Cleaners – the best automatic pool cleaner you can get. The convenience of merely dropping the cleaner in your pool and relaxing is incomparable. 

Of course, there are many service providers too. But hiring them might be heavy on the pocket. 

We’ll guide you on how to choose a robot cleaner for your poo.

Robotic Pool Cleaners

If you are buying one for yourself, we can help you decide what should you aim for. But before we jump to that, why not explain the disadvantages of using a Robotic Pool Cleaner. 

Advantages of buying a robotic pool cleaner:

  • They are doing your dirty work. This particular reason can be the perfect one to outweigh any other concerns. But there is more.
  • Excellent scrubbing power. The automation and the hi-tech abilities give you outstanding results. 
  • Every inch of the pool is clean – never misses a spot.
  • Filters your pool water as it goes. You can turn off your pool’s filter system. 
  • You can turn off your pumps means you are saving money.
  • Circulates the pool water. Every drop of water in the pool passes its filter.
  • Cleans and filters up to 2 microns. (The smallest measuring unit) of dirt and debris in the pool.
  • It reduces the use of disinfectant chemicals and chlorine in the pool water.
  • Ease of use. No supervision is required. Some automatically turn themselves off once the work is complete.
  • Extended cords are widely available in the market
  • Cleaning the dirtbags of the Robotic pool cleaner once in a while is better than cleaning the whole pool. 

Disadvantages of buying a robotic pool cleaner

  • Yes, they are expensive. But it’s the advanced technology we are talking about. 
  • The cord length might be an issue for many, especially if you have a big pool. 
  • They might have trouble collecting the floating debris. Their detailed design maintains in-depth cleaning.
  • They are compact, so their filters and dirtbags need frequent cleaning. 

So now that you are convinced that you know the ins and outs of the robotic pool cleaner, the story doesn’t end here. You need to consider the building type of your pool. There are many types of pool cleaners available. But you need to pick one that fits best for your errands. 

Factors To Consider Before Buying the Best Robotic Pool Cleaner:

Pool Surface

Your pool can have either of the one surfaces:

  • Vinyl
  • Gunite
  • Fiberglass

The majority of Robotic pool cleaners are compatible with any pool surface. But the brush type is what you may need to check. Your pool’s smooth tiled or fiberglass surface will need a PVC brush. In contrast, irregular quartz or pebbled ones will need a combination brush.

Pool Size

Considering the pool size is important. And keep in mind that the distance has to be measured from the power outlet. 

You need to be sure about the cable length required. There should be enough length to enable your cleaner to reach every corner of the pool. Do consider the height and the depth too. 

Having extra cable length is always helpful.

What Do You Want To Clean

You are the best judge to decide what needs to be done. Consider all the areas of the pool that need help, starting with the most difficult ones. 

Then look for a model that excels in the task that you desire most. 

The more the features, the pricier it gets. But, with many products available, search for the one that fits your budget. And, above all, meets your concerns. 

Suction Power

Suction power is measured in gallons per minute (GPM). The higher the number, the more dynamic and competent it is. Your Robotic pool cleaner should have at least a GPM of over 70 to begin with. 

Filter Size

The main purpose of buying a Robotic pool cleaner is deep cleaning. 

Disinfection of the pool is achievable if the filtration process is marvelous. Look for the micron (short for micrometer) value mentioned. 

The smaller the value, the better the model is at cleaning because it will aim for the tiniest dirt and debris present in the pool. 

Power Washing Jets

Another strategy acquired by these Robotic pool cleaners is the use of power washing jets. 

Some depend entirely on this feature, and some combine it with brushing as well. Heavier dirt particles are best dealt with power jets. Some pool surfaces are hard to reach with a brush. 

So, considering this option too might make things a bit easier and rewarding. 


Your purchase is valuable. It’s like an investment, so don’t overlook the warranty. You might want to consider the longest one as fixing or replacing broken parts etc, will not be cheap. Get the best deal you are being offered. The more the manufacturer has to offer, the better it is. 


How Often Do You Need to Use a Robotic Pool Cleaner?

It depends on your swimming routine and the number of people using the pool. If it’s the swimming season, you may want to consider cleaning the pool every other day or every day. If your use is minimal, then once a week might do the trick. 

During the non-swimming days, you might want to keep the pool covered and clean it every month.

Do Robotic Pool Cleaners Need a Pump?

The all-efficient, Robotic pool cleaners come with their built-in pump and filter system. They eliminate the use of the pool’s pump and filter. They work independently with their equipped tools and functions. 

Some even offer different programming modes. You can set them to adapt to the specifics of your pool. 

Can Robotic Pool Cleaners Be Left in The Pool?

Though they are built for the purpose – we would suggest following the manufacturer’s guidelines. 

On the other hand, having something attached to the power supply and swimming with it might worry some. 

Some chlorine and chemicals will be present in the water. They might corrode the cleaner’s plastic body with prolonged exposure. The best option being, follow the suggested care instructions included with the device.

Final Thoughts

Enjoying the luxury of a swimming pool will only suffice if the maintenance is not a menace. While pool nets and skimmers might be handy but robotic pool cleaner is just another level. The satisfaction of having a germ-free, dirt-free, clean pool overlooks all other concerns. 

Even if you spend time checking all the components of the Robotic cleaner, it still does not compare to the time you save cleaning the pool yourself. So get rid of the hassle of manually cleaning your pool and give yourself a treat.